2nd Chelmsford Girls' Brigade

Captain: Mrs Jacky Wilson 


2nd Chelmsford Girls' Brigade was established in 1968 and runs from Moulsham Lodge Methodist Church, Lime Walk, Chelmsford, Essex.

The company is staffed by a number of volunteers, many of whom who have worked their way through the company as young members.  All staff are DBS checked and receive regular Girls' Brigade training.

2nd Chelmsford Girls' Brigade is part of the national organisation of Girls' Brigade.  More details can be found here. 

There are four sections in Girls' Brigade:

Age 5 to 8 years         Tuesdays (term time only) 6.00 - 7.15pm

n:vestigate focuses on helping children to "join the journey".  Every time the girls meet they'll be joining in with an n:vestigation which will help them to explore and develop heir understanding of themselves, the world around them and the Christian Faith.  There are 20 different themes to follow incorporating a series of stories written about Gabby and Barney who love exploring and investigating along with their dog, Fudge.

Age 8 to 11 years       Tuesdays (term time only) 6.00 - 7.15pm

n:gage helps girls to "discover the adventure".  Every time the children meet they'll be joining in with an "adventure", helping them to explore and develop an understanding of characteristics and values which will be good foundations for their life.

Age 11 to 14 years     Tuesdays (term time only) 7.30 - 9.00pm

n:counta equips young people with skills to help them to make positive contributions to real life and give them opportunities to explore key issues with matter to them.  It includes a mix of activities to allow young people to develop spiritually, physical and educationally and encourage them to use what they have learnt in service to others in their daily lives.  n:counta has a range of "tracks" each of which focuses on one key theme reflecting a topic which matters to this age group.

Age 14 to 18 years     Tuesdays (term time only) 7.30 - 9.00pm

n:spire is based on a television theme.  There are 20 channels: each channel reflect an aspect of life with which 14-18s might be involved.  Within each channel there are five exciting programmes, each with a "zany" title and each programme has a challenge.  This means there are 100 different challenges from which to choose to inspire and encourage the girls within this group!

2nd Chelmsford Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade Companies